The Achievement of the Goal (Boulough Al Maram)

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Title: The Achievement of the Goal (Boulough Al Maram)

Publisher: Tawbah

Page: 621

Three Volumes

Author: Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani

Bulûgh Al-Marâm is a blessed and beneficial book; although it is not very voluminous, it contains what makes it possible to dispense with longer works, and scholars, past and contemporary, have turned to it. Thus, one does not find a seat of a scholar without Bulûgh Al-Marâm appearing at the top of the list of courses; and students have adopted it for memorization and scientific discussion, contenting themselves with it at the expense of other similar works. People have accepted it and turned to it so that at all times the greatest number have benefited from it. This book has eminent qualities that are not found elsewhere, among them: The author has mentioned the degree of the hadith, authentic or weak, so that this exempts the student from returning to other works. He merely mentioned from the hadith the intended meaning in the chapter, which leads to conciseness and profit. If the hadith has other formulations that add something useful to the subject, the author mentions them concisely and clearly, and thus the different formulations complement each other. The author has extracted the hadiths from known collections and reference works, the best known of which are Al-Musnad of Imam Ahmad, the two authentic collections, and the four collections of Sunan. Each chapter begins, generally, with what is reported in the two authentic collections, or one of the two, then follows what is reported by the authors of Sunan or other, so that the authentic hadiths constitute the foundation of the chapter and the basis of the various questions, while the rest comes to complete and perfect. The author examines the flaws present in the hadith and mentions them. If the hadith is supported by others, the author mentions it discreetly, and thus it is more useful than other works of a larger volume. The author has organized the different chapters and hadiths according to the magnifying effected in the books of Fiqh, so that it is easy for the reader to consult it. At the end of the book, the author has gathered a good selection of hadiths concerning propriety, so that the reader can benefit from them in his practical application of the rules and in his attitude. In short, Bulûgh Al Marâm is one of the best books in the presentation of religious rules, and it is appropriate for students of religious sciences to memorize it, understand it; and pay close attention to it. The author has written it eloquently, so that he who memorizes stands out among his fellows, that he who begins on the path of science can help himself with it, and that he who is more advanced cannot do without it; May Allah grant the author the best of rewards.

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