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Top 5 de nos Parfums les plus doux pour ce Printemps

Top 5 of our sweetest perfumes for this Spring

Firstly, a perfume is made up of 3 main notes:  

The top note : the highest note of the olfactory pyramid. This is the note that you smell right after spraying the perfume. It is generally vivid and gives the first olfactory impression. The lifespan of this note is short.  

The heart note : this note comes to life after a few minutes, when the top note fades. It develops for 2-3 hours and constitutes the characteristic smell of the perfume.

The base note : this note forms the base of the olfactory pyramid. It is very tenacious, it lasts about 4 hours, sometimes for whole days.

Besides, you have probably noticed that when we apply a perfume or a mist, we have the impression that the smell changes and that it is no longer the same and that is normal!

First of all, the scent of a fragrance varies depending on your skin, whether it is well hydrated, if you had applied a cream before and above all, the scent of the perfume varies depending on your hormones which will allow the perfume to to develop throughout the day.

So, which perfume to choose for this spring?

Spring is a gentle season that shows us the beauty of nature with the leaves of the trees falling and renewing themselves, the flowers slowly beginning to grow as well as mild and light weather.

The scents to wear in terms of perfume for women must be soft and light or even slightly woody so that it brings a certain comfort.

Spring scents are often notes of flowers, neroli, lily of the valley, jasmine and sometimes even lavender.

5 - Royal Gold El Nabil Eau de Parfum 65 ml

We start this Top 5 with the Royal Gold eau de parfum from El Nabil. This oriental perfume immerses us in the world of Eastern countries with its woody scent of oud, vanilla, jasmine and musk.

This perfume has an excellent sillage and ranks among our Top 5 of the best perfumes in Souk Dubai. In addition to having very attractive, elegant and minimalist packaging, Royal Gold promises impeccable hold throughout the day.

Head: Jasmine

Heart: Rose, Vanilla, Gourmand

Base: Musk, Vanilla, Ambergris 

This perfume, in addition to being extremely popular, can serve as a nice gift during your events, whether for Eid, birthdays, baptisms and many others. Combine quality and low price, because in fact, this perfume is available on our website for only €15.90! Take advantage of a current special offer with 2 El Nabil perfumes purchased for only €25.

4 - Stradivarius Private Collection 50 ml

In 4th position, we offer Stradivarius from the Private Collection brand. What can we say about this perfume except that it is captivating, a fresh and airy scent is released throughout its reach. This perfume, little known to the public, is a gem worth wearing. Its scent diffuses an elegant and sublime fragrance behind you.

Top notes: mandarin, peach, tuberose (night hyacinth)

Heart notes: gardenia, Jasmine, iris (carrot extract)

Base notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Vetiver

The scent of this perfume is extraordinary and perfect to wear for this spring and even this summer. It combines comfort, softness and charisma. In addition to elegant and distinguished packaging, it offers you an explosion of freshness when vaporized.

Take advantage of a reduction on our Collection Privée brand perfumes at only €12.99 instead of €18.99!

3 - Musk Taher Peach - My Perfumes 80 ml

In 3rd position, we thought of lovers of peach and fruity smells by presenting you this absolutely splendid perfume with a more than perfect trail, Musk Taher Peach from the My Perfumes brand! As its name suggests, this perfume has very subtle peach notes combined with very light musk notes as well. This perfume is a delight for lovers of fruity perfumes because Musk Taher Peach emanates a scent of fruit, jasmine and white musk.

Top note : Peach, Fruity notes

Base note : White musk

As you can see, the perfume does not have heart notes because the scent that emerges is intended to remain the same as long as possible on the scented area. This perfume is a harmony of scents between a fruity and musky trail, it is soft and easy to wear in spring.

Take advantage of a reduced price online! Souk Dubai offers you the perfume for only €15.99 instead of €20!

2 - Yara Tous and Yara Rose Eau de Parfum - Lattafa 100 ml

How to talk about perfume without mentioning the famous Yara perfumes from the Lattafa brand. There are 3 versions of Yara perfumes: Yara Tous , Yara Moi and Yara . The two perfumes that we are going to present to you are very different from each other but go perfectly together for this spring.

Yara Tous is a fairly fruity and slightly floral perfume, it smells slightly strongly of mango then once sprayed on the skin or clothes the smell transforms and gives way to a scent of lemon, jasmine and fruit. It is a perfume that immerses you in the modern oriental universe.

Top notes : Coconut, Mango, Passion Fruit

Heart notes : Jasmine, Heliotrope, Orange Blossom

Base notes : Cashmere, Vanilla, Musk

The cascade of scents of Yara eau de parfum begins with fresh and light notes of heliotrope, orchids and juicy mandarin. At the heart, you will feel a perfect harmony of tropical fruits and delicious gourmet notes. The base is infused with sweet vanilla, musk and sandalwood.

top notes : heliotrope, mandarin, orchid

heart notes : flowers, tropical fruits

base notes : vanilla, sandalwood, musk

1- Kismet Eau de Parfum for women Maison ALHambra 100 ml

In 1st position we offer you this delicious Kismet perfume from the Maison Al Hambra brand, exquisite for this spring. In addition to being easy to wear for 6 hours, this perfume takes us on a unique sensory journey. Its trail combines jasmine, amber, peach, patchouli, bergamot with a touch of sandalwood.

Top notes : Bergamot, Amber, peach

Heart notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood

Base notes : Wood, Cocoa, Coffee

It is a richly scented perfume that was inspired by fragrances from other well-known luxury perfumes. Its scent has been adapted to the modern and classy woman. In addition to splendid packaging, this perfume is also often given as a gift and it is very popular because it is not yet well known to the public, so be one of the first to taste this graceful perfume!

Find this perfume for only €29.90!

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