The Unsung Pearls of Imam Shafi'i

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Title: The Unsung Pearls

Publisher: Al Bidar

Pages: 230

Author: Imam Muhammad Ash-Shâfi'î

Soft Book

Discover, in this 1200-year-old work, all the eloquence of Imam Ash-Shâfi'î, through these poems filled with wisdom: short and relevant verses, embellished by their author who had a powerful command of the Arabic language. He distilled these verses throughout his life but it was only at the time of his death that all of his poems were collected.

Real pearls unknown to the greatest number, whose meaning is timeless and in which each reader will recognize himself.


This book contains 40 poems by the illustrious Imam Ash-Shâfi'î, and includes:
– on the one hand, the transcription of each poem in its original version in vocalized Arabic (with its tashkîl vowels).
– on the other hand, its adaptation in French version with some comments.
– Each verse is accompanied by an explanation which aims to broaden their understanding and deploy the meanings that could not be unveiled by simple translation.

A glossary has also been made available to the reader at the end of the book. We have tried to facilitate the reading of this work, as well as its understanding, which is why many of our brothers and sisters have read it again and shared their observations with us, may Allah reward them.


Muhammad Ash-Shâfi'î is the founder of one of the four Sunni schools called the Shâfi'ît school. He was born in Gaza in the year 767, the same year that Imam Abu Hanifa died.

His genealogy is linked to the Messenger of Allah through his ancestor 'Abdulmanaf, and his mother is none other than the granddaughter of Fatima bint 'Asd's sister, mother of 'Ali ibn abi Talib.

He lived his childhood in Mecca, and finished learning the Qur'ân at the age of 7. Excelling in the Arabic language and in Fiqh, he met Imam Malik in Medina, and became his student for nine years. On the death of the latter, he returned to Mecca, and was a Qadi (judge) for a time in Yemen, before settling in Baghdad where he taught the greatest scholars of the time. Finally he ended his days in Cairo, devoting himself to science and teaching it, and he died in the year 820.

He was the author of a very large number of works, and he remains, to this day, one of the most immense scholars of Islam.

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