Concentration in Prayer

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This book shows us the way to realize the noble dream of an ideal society where crimes would disappear, security would reign and people would live in peace and serenity. Allah says: "Perform prayer, for prayer preserves from turpitude and blameworthy acts.

Now, the soul of prayer is the fact of humbly recollecting oneself -Khushû-. ALLAH has indeed said: "Have already succeeded those who have faith, those who in their prayer collect themselves humbly".

This collection consists in the fact that the heart makes an act of presence before ALLAH out of love, fear and hope and revives in itself the greatness and majesty of the creator. Thus the body will recollect itself by being calm and serene and the senses will recollect themselves by the -dhikr- of ALLAH and meditation. The soul will then rise to the high degrees of faith until it reaches the degree of perfection -ihsân- to enjoy a particular divine presence -ima'iyya khâssa- and a spirituality which gives prayer an incomparable taste and procures an indescribable inner ecstasy.

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