Commentary on the book The Profession of Faith AL WASSITIYYA TOM 4

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Title: Commentary on the book The Profession of Faith AL WASSITIYYA

Publisher: Ibn Badis

Pages: 432

Author: By Ibn Taymiyya, By Sâlih Ibn Fawzân Al-Fawzân

Soft Book

Scholars, students of science and those who are concerned with science are aware of the place and importance of the work "Al-`Aqīdah al-wāssiṭiyya", written by Shaykh Al-Islam Aḥmad ibn `Abd As-Salām ibn Taymiyya (d. 728 H.), may Allah have mercy on him, as well as its status among the works clarifying the belief predecessors. Its author mentions in it subjects related to the foundations of the religion, as well as the methodology of the People of the Sunna and the Group with regard to the sources on which they base themselves on the subject of beliefs. Certainly, this blessed creed, of great renown, of immense benefit, in regard to the clarification of the creed of the People of the Sunnah and the Group, despite its small size and easily accessible writing. Sheikh Al-Islam, may Allah have mercy on him, said: “I have sought, in this belief, the following of the Book and the Sunnah. He also says, "Every saying that I have mentioned is supported by a verse, a hadith or the consensus of the predecessors." »

This belief has met with the acceptance of scholars past and present and they have praised it, mentioning it well. Imam Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad adh-Dhahabī (d. 748 H.), may Allah have mercy on him, says about this epistle: “It is agreed that it is the good belief of the pious predecessors. "Sheikh `Abd Ar-Raḥmān Ibn Nâsir Ibn Sa'dî (d. 1376 H.), may Allah have mercy on him, said about him: "Despite its brevity and clarity, it includes all that is obligatory to believe among the foundations of faith and correct beliefs. »

This is the reason why many are the students of science who have been careful to study it and the scholars have been careful to explain it and clarify its meanings, including our Shaykh, the Eminence, Ṣaliḥ al-Fawzān, may Allah preserve him, and we present here his explanation to the reader, hoping that Allah makes it profitable.

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